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Welcome to Lessonz

Lessonz Professional Driving Tuition is run from Tavistock by me, Tony Belcher. I´m a Grade A qualified instructor (ADI) with many years experience in training both beginners and advanced drivers (I am also an IMI qualified National Observer enabling me to train Institute of Advanced Motorists candidates for the Advanced Driving Test).

Courses are individually tailored for each pupil and add advanced driving techniques to the DSA syllabus to help make you an even safer driver, particularly on our narrow country roads.

If you are taking your Driving Test in Launceston, your training will also take you into Plymouth to teach you how to deal with city roads and traffic, and (except in summer) you will also learn to drive safely at night.

While your aim might just be to pass your Test, mine is to train you to stay safe afterwards too!

Learning, to be effective, should be an enjoyable experience, and I ensure that with Lessonz lessons you will have fun while you work at becoming a serious driver! I won´t shout at you, I´m not sarcastic, I have legendary patience, and my mobile is switched off during lessons !

My aim is to get you up to and beyond the required standard for the Driving Test as quickly as possible.

Normally you can have lessons every week, and I teach on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

I can also occasionally take pupils from as far afield as Launceston, Princetown and Callington - just ask if you aren´t sure if that includes you - but lessons starting or ending outside Tavistock are of a minimum duration of 2 hours.

Hourly rates from

Driving lessons with an experienced fully qualified instructor
Lessonz Driving School
 01822 616056
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